Your Keyword's Value in Google SERPs

What this calculator does?

I'm sure as an SEO you have tried to convice your boss that improving your ranking on Google Search Results will increase revenue drastically. But, as you know, most of our bosses want to see pretty charts, statistics, and justifications in order to spend money in SEO. So, here you have it:

This calculator uses Click Distribution Studies and the Google keyword Tool to estimate the number of searches by position on Google SERPs. Have Fun!!!

What you need:

  • Number of Local Searches for your keyword's Exact Match
  • Your Conversion Rate
  • Your Revenue per Conversion
Keyword: Green Widget Exact Local Searches: Conversion Rate:(%) Conversion Value:($)
Change Values only in this row: % $
  Searches by Position:   Revenue by Position:
Position # 1   $
Position # 2   $
Position # 3   $
Position # 4   $
Position # 5   $

The calculator is based on averages from the following sets of data/studies:
AOL's Data Leak - Click Distribution
Cornell University Eye-Trucking Study Research

This data is also multiplied by 70% to account for clicks lost to PPC and personalized searches, blogs, images etc…
To not overestimate number of searches make sure to use [Exact Local Searches] if your website caters only US visitors

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