$2,500 can get buyers a good car

$2,500 can get buyers a good carIt may be unfortunate and it may seem impossible, but sometimes buyers have very limited funds to work with when buying a car. The good news is that it is possible, Edmunds.com reports. The website offers tips for buying a car with only $2,500.

First, buyers should not set their expectations too high. They should expect their purchase to have high mileage and some mechanical issues, and perhaps some scratches and dents. As long as the vehicle has been taken care of, more than 100,000 miles on the odometer is not a problem. If the mileage seems too low for the car's age, buyers should ask questions about its use to ensure that the odometer was not turned back.

Buyers should always check the vehicle's history and get it inspected by a mechanic. If the car's history report says "salvage title," an insurance agency may have declared it not driveable. Beware of environmental damage like that from snow and water, as it could cause electrical problems later on.

Inexpensive, used cars may be particularly attractive for people with bad credit. Even if they can't negotiate a price down to where they want it, these buyers can apply for a used car loan.