Advantages of manual transmission vehicles

Manual transmission vehicles are typically outsold by automatic cars in the U.S., yet there is debate among drivers about whether the added control in driving such a vehicle is worth the extra effort required of the driver’s left foot.

There is evidence that manual transmission vehicles may have substantial advantages for drivers with financial difficulties or bad credit history. The most important aspect to consider for such drivers may be the cost of such vehicles. According to, manual transmission cars are often cheaper than their automatic transmission counterparts.

There is also some evidence that manual transmission vehicles use less gas than those with an automatic transmission, due to the added control the driver has in keeping the engine’s revolutions per minute (rpm) low. This may especially be relevant for drivers seeking to purchase a used car, since some older vehicles with automatic transmission may be less efficient in changing gears when necessary.

Manual transmission requires more concentration, and this is often cited as a downside to such vehicles. Nevertheless, the higher concentration needed may keep a driver more alert, thereby minimizing the risk of collisions that require costly repairs.

The best cars for bad credit minimize driver expenses, and in this regard, purchasing a manual transmission vehicle may be a smart choice.

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