Advantages of new cars over used

Advantages of new cars over usedWhile the most obvious advantage of a new car compared to a used one is higher quality and more modern features, recently developing market conditions point to a new advantage – new cars may actually be comparatively cheap relative to used cars.

According to Edmunds, the average price of a used car is currently $19,345, a substantial increase from $16,586 in December 2009. The reason for this increase in price is linked to the economic downturn – consumers responded to a tightening of budgets by shopping around exclusively in the used car market, driving demand and price up. Today, many consumers find the idea of used cars being more expensive than new cars so counter-intuitive that many don't bother taking the time to compare their options. 

Some new cars produced recently are among the best cars for bad credit not only for their comparatively low purchase price, but due to their fuel efficiency.

Drivers who are interested in taking advantage of current market conditions to purchase a fuel-efficient, affordable new car may want to fill out an car loan application for a bad credit loan

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