Apps to help you save at the pump

Apps to help you save at the pumpGas prices are all over the news these days. Drivers can't turn on the TV or read the paper without being reminded that they will have to spend their next paycheck at the pump. In an effort to help consumers save a little money, mobile application website has outlined just how your smartphone can lighten the burden of fueling up.

The website recently released a list of the top apps that help drivers find gas stations with the lowest prices, which is ideal for those with a car loan who likely can't afford the rising fuel costs.

The source suggests that Android users download Cheap Gas, which uses the phone's GPS function to find the closest locations with the least expensive prices. Customers may also want to download Gas Mileage Calculator. It is a simple app that helps you figure out your vehicle's mileage, and also breaks it down to the cost per mile. Both of these apps are free.

iPhone users have similar programs, such as Gas Price Predictor, which uses information found on the web to determine tomorrow's cost per gallon. Gas Cubby MPG Car Maintenance is similar to the mileage calculator, but also tracks vehicle maintenance. 

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