Avoid identity theft while on vacation

Avoid identity theft while on vacationThe most frightening thing about identity theft is that it can happen to anyone. In fact, millions of people every year report being victimized by an identity thief. According to MSN Money, those who are on vacation are easy targets, but travelers can avoid this problem with these simple tips.

If a creditor suspects strange activity within your account, they typically call to alert you and find out what's going on. However, if for some reason you miss their call, do not dial the number that the leave in the message unless it matches the back of your card. Identity thieves often use this method to trick consumers into revealing their personal information.

Some destinations are notorious for pick-pockets, so it is important to keep only necessary items in your wallet and to make copies of all documents. A social security card is the last item that needs to be in a wallet, as an identity thief can do insurmountable damage to your FICO score, which can lead to being denied car loans and mortgages in the future if it is left unchecked.

Social networking has led the way to the age of overshare, but make sure not to state when you are vacationing on your Facebook or Twitter. You never know who is reading your updates and plotting away.