Best cars for teens

Though a teenager who has recently acquired a driver’s license may dream of a red sports car, parents who decide to buy their teenager a vehicle may want to consider other factors.

Since teenagers are typically the most inexperienced of drivers, buying a vehicle that tops safety ranking lists and comes standard with many protective features may be a good pick. Fuel economy and other factors related to ownership costs may also need to be considered.

It may also be advisable to purchase a vehicle without too much power under the hood for an inexperienced teen driver.

According to Kiplinger, cars that fit these criteria include the Kia Soul, for those who plan to buy a new car, and the 2008 Scion xB for those who plan to buy used. Those who would like to secure financing for a vehicle for their teen driver can look into obtaining an auto loan before heading to the dealership, as having financing prepared before going to the dealership can make the bargaining process go more smoothly for the consumer. Both vehicles reportedly get excellent safety ratings, high resale value and low ownership costs, making them ideal for teen drivers.

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