Best cars for those seeking fuel efficiency

With gas prices high, many consumers are turning toward fuel-efficient vehicles to help save them money at the pump. Consumer Reports recently tested a wide variety of fuel-efficient cars to find out which were the best choices for drivers looking to switch.

Some might say that the EPA already does this, by rating cars on their fuel efficiency. Yet if all drivers cared about was the MPG number, everybody would be riding scooters and motorcycles. There are a multitude of other considerations when purchasing a car, and Consumer Reports factored these in as well: things like reliability, price and safety.

The news source picked the best and worst cars in a variety of categories. For subcompacts, the Honda Fit came out on top, with the Chevrolet Aveo LT rated as the worst choice. In the hatchback market, Consumer Reports preferred the Volkswagen Golf TDI over the worst-in-class Scion xB and Subaru Impreza. For crossovers, the Ford Escape Hybrid was the best choice, beating out the Dodge Nitro and Jeep Liberty Sport.

Fortunately, the best cars for fuel economy also include some of the best cars for bad credit buyers. Drivers who are hoping to switch their vehicle to a more fuel efficient one should consider applying online through a third-party provider of auto finance.

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