Beware of medical identity theft

Beware of medical identity theftWhen we hear the term "identity theft," we think of someone stealing our bank account numbers of credit card information. This is the most popular form of the criminal act, however, there are other ways for thieves to assume your name, including medical identity theft.

Medical identity theft is a form of fraud, in which a person uses your social security number to obtain health care, insurance benefits and more. Not only does this affect your health history and records, it could potentially be life threatening. The services that the criminal utilizes changes your medical background could ultimately affect various decisions regarding your health, including which drugs a doctor chooses to prescribe.

Victims of this kind of identity theft are often saddled with a bad credit history because they are unaware of the charges that the criminal has racked up. Make sure to thoroughly check your credit reports and bank statements for unauthorized accounts and charges and report suspicious activity immediately to avoid claims from collections agencies.

If left undiscovered, consumers may be rejected for car loans and mortgages due to hefty balances incurred by the identity thief.