BMW E30 is a fun car to drive

Just because a driver is on a bad credit car loan doesn’t mean that they don’t have to sacrifice the joys of driving.

In fact, if drivers shop on the used car market for some older vehicles, they can often find fun cars that were popular in past years. Popular Mechanics recently named some of the top cars under $3,000, and it may surprise buyers with a bad credit history just how many options they have.

Most drivers probably price themselves out of a BMW, for example, but shopping BMWs from the late 80s and early 90s can yield some truly cheap finds. The news source highlighted the BMW E30 3 Series as a potent choice for buyers in this price range. The inline-six engine’s 168 horsepower may not sound like a lot today, but it was on the high end for performance sedans back in the day. The handling and weight distribution were also “perfect,” according to the news source.

Drivers might assume it’ll be difficult to find a vehicle this old, but the BMW brand has a healthy number of enthusiasts who keep the cars in good condition.

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