BMW recalls 241,000 more vehicles

BMW is recalling 241,000 3 Series sedans from the 2002 through 2005 model years to fix a potential issue with the rear lights. Over time, the taillights, brake lights or turn signals could stop working due to resistance in electrical contacts in the 325I, 325XI and 330XI models, The Detroit News reports.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been investigating the issue since April 2009, and BMW told the organization that more than 3,000 warranty claims had been filed, mostly on models produced in 2004. According to The Chicago Tribune, the German automaker believes that less than 20 percent of the vehicles being recalled will actually be affected by the issue.

This recall comes only one day after BMW issued a separate one for 120,000 diesel cars around the world, according to Bloomberg. That recall centered around an issue that causes filter heaters to remain on after the engine has been shut off, which could potentially drain the battery.

Drivers who are shopping for used BMWs or any other cars with a car loan should make sure that any recall issues have been fixed. They should have an independent mechanic take a look at the vehicle, as well as ask the dealer for copies of the vehicle’s repair and maintenance history.