California takes a stand against used car “lemons”

A new bill to protect consumers from unwittingly purchasing cars with major problems was just signed into law in California. The bill, which was introduced by Democratic State Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield, requires both new and used car dealers to check every used vehicle with a federal database to determine if they have any major preexisting problems. If any issues are found, the cars must be marked with red warning stickers.

“This is a protection that has been sought by consumer advocates for a decade,” Blumenfield told the news source. “And at long last we have achieved it for the state that purchases more cars than any other in the country.”

Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill into law earlier this week, and it will go into effect next July. This is the first law of its kind to be passed in the entire country, and will hopefully encourage other states to follow suit.

Until then, drivers who are shopping for vehicles with a used car loan can have independent mechanics inspect prospective vehicles for any major problems. They also have the option to go online to research the vehicle’s VIN number on a reputable car history reporting site.