Car shoppers should pick up the phone and compare prices

Car shoppers should pick up the phone and compare prices  After securing an online car loan, the next move for many consumers is scouring local dealerships to find the right vehicle in their price range.

According to a recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle, there are several important steps that an individual should take when shopping for a car. First, the initial conversations with car dealers should occur over the phone and not in person. This method sends a message to dealership owners or managers that you are serious about shopping with other companies and comparing rates.

Recipients of bad car credit loans will likely be looking for a good value, so they should ask dealers what they will accept as a markup or markdown from the factory-invoice price. By acquiring this information, consumers can gauge the types of savings they will receive if they decide against pricey options, such as a sun roof, power-sliding doors and heated front seats.

Consumers should also be prepared to see a shortage of new and used vehicles at some U.S. lots in the coming months. According to The Associated Press, there may be a selection deficiency because of the recent earthquake in Japan, which has limited the amount of car parts for manufacturers.

Mike Jackson, the CEO of AutoNation, the country's largest auto dealership chain, told the media outlet that some individuals should not expect to get the exact cars that they want beginning in May. 

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