Advantages of Buying from a Dealer

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We want to help you get the right car with affordable financing. We have been helping people purchase new and pre-owned vehicles since 1989. We work with a network of dealers that have a large selection of options and have the financing available for a wide range of credit circumstances.

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Important Advantages of Buying from a Reputable Dealership
You may feel that you will get a better “deal” from an individual.

There are many things to consider before you make that decision.

Here are a few things to consider:

Inventory. Dealers typically have their inventory go through a check up process to ensure that their vehicles are ready for sale. Private sellers do not have the same processes when preparing a vehicle for sale.

Financing. Very often you can not go to your bank and get financing for a private party purchase. At we work with dealers that provide a wide range of financing options.

Warranty. Dealers work with warranty companies and many have limited warranties that come standard or may provide a certified pre-owned option.

Improve your Credit. You will receive financing that will help your credit history down the road. You will be in a much better position to buy your next vehicle or home.

Trade-In. If you want to use your current vehicle to help finance your new car then the dealer most likely will be able to help and you won’t have the logistic issues of selling your vehicle.

There can be circumstances when you may be able to find a “private purchase” and have it work well for you. But unless you are getting a fantastic deal and are secure about the condition of the vehicle then you are better off working with a dealer.