Chevy announces eco-friendly version of the Malibu

Chevy announces eco-friendly version of the MalibuEnvironmentally friendly vehicles may cost a pretty penny, but they are well worth using your car loan on when they ultimately lead to less visits to the gas station, especially with the skyrocketing price of fuel these days. After the Chevrolet Cruze Eco was well-received by consumers, the automaker has announced that it will be offering a similar version of its Malibu midsize model as well.

According to USA today, the Malibu Eco will achieve between 26 city and 38 highway miles per gallon, which is slightly more efficient than the Cruze compact.

"Unlike Cruze, which uses air shutters and other tricks to get better gas mileage, the Malibu will use the same mild hybrid system that is going into Buick cars," reports the news source. "A mild hybrid uses a big battery to recoup power from braking, but isn't as robust as a full hybrid like the Toyota Prius."

The Malibu Eco, which was announced at the New York Auto Show, is reportedly being touted as Chevy's most aerodynamic vehicle in its portfolio besides the Volt.

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