Chevy to debut new Aveo

The Chevy Aveo is a solid budget car that offers drivers the versatility of a sedan or hatchback while also providing exceptional gas mileage at 35 miles per gallon.

Now, Chevy is preparing to announce an updated 2011 version of its Aveo at the Paris Auto Show. While not yet officially unveiled, the new Aveo is said to offer sportier styling and will be better equipped to compete in the ever-increasing small car segment.

In a shift from years past, many automakers are focusing on smaller cars because of their global profitability. Small cars were popular in markets like China and Europe for years, but never really caught on in the U.S. as Americans preferred bulkier SUVs. Now, with more consumers looking to save money, small cars are selling well in the U.S., leading to a proliferation of models like the Aveo.

Drivers with bad credit car loans will most likely not be able to afford the new Aveo, but it will provide them with a great opportunity to take advantage of savings on the older Aveo models. The cars typically run for less than $8,000 used, according to Edmunds. Some may want to instead target a 2010 Aveo, as dealers will be keen to get them off the lots to make way for the new 2011 model.

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