Chrysler unveils new models to dealers

At a meeting of nationwide Chrysler dealers in Orlando, dealers were given a glimpse of the company’s latest offerings.

Chrysler, which also owns the Dodge, Jeep and Ram brands, plans to bring out 15 new models over the next four months in an attempt to revive its image in the wake of its bankruptcy and bailout. Italian automaker Fiat currently owns a controlling stake in the company, and Chrysler dealers previously assembled to talk about plans to bring the Fiat 500 compact car to the U.S.

The event was closed to reporters and dealers were barred from bringing cell phones or leaking any info. Still, some of the models, like the new Town and Country minivan, are already known to the press.

One of the models that was unveiled is the 200, a reworked version of the Sebring that will slot below the more expensive 300 sedan in Chevy’s lineup.

With so many models set to be released over the next few years, it might be a good time for those with bad credit to begin thinking about trying to improve their scores in order to secure a car loan and get in one of these new Chryslers when they arrive. However, drivers should also be aware that they could be pre-approved for a loan if they need a new ride today.

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