Classics from the Car Show

“People talk about the ‘new car smell’. I like the ‘old car smell’ much better.” – JH, age 14

Where do you start when you have so much automotive awesomeness in one place? That’s the dilemma at every car show I go to. Being surrounded by bold colors and shiny chrome on all sides is like being the proverbial kid in a candy store.

And where to start again, when I want to write about it? Every car is worth its own blog entry, but there just isn’t time to cover them all. And besides, we want to talk about other things here at, things that are important to people who like these cars but need information on the more practical, day-to-day ones.

So, as much as I fall in love with each and every 1969 Camaro I see, I’ve seen a lot of them, and there’s just so much you can say about them that hasn’t already been said. In sifting through all the photos of all the cars from this past weekend, I try to pick out the cars with interesting stories, or sleeper models that have been overshadowed by more popular models. Next week, we’ll do a little profile of one of these cars and give a little history. For this week, enjoy this sampling of pure automotive joy.