Comparing vehicle history reports

There are currently three main vehicle history report generating services in the market: VinCheck, Carfax and AutoCheck. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and determining which are of greater use to a potential used car buyer can be helpful.

VinCheck is free but very limited in scope, according to It only captures serious events on the vehicle’s history, like thefts or salvage titles. However, considering that it’s free and has the potential to rule out a potential purchase by digging up its history of flood damage, for example, VinCheck is an important first step.

AutoCheck and Carfax offer more comprehensive vehicle histories and even provide insurance on their services, promising to buy back the vehicle if their reports missed something “important”. While AutoCheck is slightly cheaper, Carfax is believed by some to be more user-friendly by providing interpretation to the raw data about the vehicle that it generates, such as suggesting that a vehicle might have had its mileage rolled back or its title “washed.”

Drivers who are in the market for a used car may benefit from ordering a vehicle history report from one of these agencies. Drivers with bad credit history can also obtain an affordable bad credit auto loan to finance their purchase.