Complaints about auto defects up

Complaints about auto defects upThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) received more than 40,000 complaints about auto defects in 2010, according to research by Edmunds.

This figure represents a four-fold increase over the complaints received in previous years, the Chicago Tribune reports. A number of reasons could explain the increase in auto defect-related complaints. The number of recalled vehicles soared to heights not seen since 2004, prompting drivers to be more aware of auto safety even if their vehicle was not among those subject to a safety recall, according to the news source. Furthermore, many consumers became aware of their right to file a complaint with the NHTSA in the event that they feel there is something wrong with their vehicle.

The Edmunds analysis further shows that some car brands had higher volumes of complaints than others. Toyota, which launched several recalls affecting millions of vehicles, had the highest complaint-to-sales ratio, with 87 complaints per 100,000 vehicles sold. Nissan had the second-highest ratio, according to the news source.

Ford and Honda had the lowest ratios, making vehicles manufactured by these companies excellent bad credit cars. Drivers who want to purchase a reliable vehicle without a record of negative consumer feedback may want to apply for a car loan.