Consumer borrowing is on the rise

While the recession caused many consumers to cut their spending and focus on repaying their debt, it seems that the rebounding economy has given them more confidence, as BusinessWeek reports that borrowing increased by $3.5 billion in January.

Analysts believe that the trend will continue as the unemployment rate goes down and people become more confident in the country’s financial standing, as well as their own.

It is possible that as people began to settle their debt, they were also able to restore their credit score, which ultimately leads to an easier time securing car loans, mortgages and other lines of credit. While more people are becoming at ease in making big-ticket purchases, it is important to remember that you have to live within your means.

It is unwise to take out a loan that has unaffordable monthly payments, because you are only hurting your financial self, lowering your credit score with each unpaid bill. However, if a high-cost item like a car is absolutely necessary, consumers are able to apply for a bad credit auto loan.