Consumer Reports: Chrysler may be making improvements

Consumer Reports: Chrysler may be making improvementsWhile other domestic automakers are improving their product line dramatically and enjoying increased sales, Chrysler has not kept pace in recent months. Still, there are signs that it will be catching up to the pack in the near future.

Chrysler vehicles ranked lowest in Consumer Reports' latest reliability survey, and the automaker has not performed well in other testing done by the organization. Chrysler vehicles have not received outstanding marks for fuel economy, seat comfort, visibility, noise, agility or braking. The interior and exterior design of Chrysler cars has also been criticized heavily by Consumer Reports. The organization also reports that Chrysler has not been an active participant in most auto shows which took place in recent years.

At a recent press conference, however, the automaker strove to convince consumers that it is making significant improvements by announcing an enhanced, upgraded product line.

Drivers with bad credit history may want to wait before applying for an auto loan to buy a new Chrysler, as it may be wiser to first see if the new models receive positive reviews from agencies like Consumer Reports and other drivers. If the new vehicles receive positive feedback and perform well in testing, they may be suitable cars for bad credit