Consumer Reports’ releases annual automaker ratings

Consumer Reports' releases annual automaker ratingsThose who are shopping around for a new vehicle with their bad credit auto loan may want to pay attention to Consumer Reports magazine, as it recently published a list of the best automakers in the industry.

Scores are determined by Consumer Reports based on "performance, comfort, utility and reliability," with nearly 300 vehicles tested each year.

According to the news source, Honda, Subaru and Toyota came out on top for general categories, but Ford recently moved up a few notches for its heightened scores on road tests and reliability. Also showing an improvement were General Motors and Volvo.

On the other hand, Chrysler was at the bottom of the list, although now that it is under new ownership – the company is headed by Italian manufacturer Fiat – its portfolio is starting to see a shift in reliability. Most notable, the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Ram have significantly improved after Fiat took over, making them some of the best cars for bad credit.

The news provider also reports that European automakers, except for Volvo, scored low because of their difficult controls and inconsistency.