Consumers buy Prius, Fit before prices rise

Consumers buy Prius, Fit before prices riseThose with car loans who are in the market for an eco-friendly vehicle should head to a Toyota or Honda dealership as soon as they can, as prices are set to rise thanks to the Sendai earthquake's mass destruction in Japan.

According to USA Today, the Toyota Prius and Honda Fit have experienced a bump in sales recently, reportedly due to the news that the automakers would be experiencing a production shortage.

"We've gone from 60 [Priuses] in stock to 16," Buzz Rodland of Rodland Toyota in Everett, Washington, told the news source about the last two months of sales. "We are told they are going to dwindle."

Production has halted for both Japanese manufacturers, as they must deal with the severe damage from the March 11 quake and tsunami. The news provider reports that they are not accepting any new vehicle orders at themoment.

"'From all the things we're gathering, including memos from Japanese companies … the potential impact of the tragedy is a bigger deal' then they are portraying," Jesse Toprak of said to the news outlet.