Credit cards that can save you money on gas

Credit cards that can save you money on gasThere is plenty of temptation to use up the funds on one's credit card, but if used responsibly they can not only help build a good credit score (which will help consumers get better rates on a car loan or mortgage), but they can also help save some money. Take a look at cards that offer rewards for spending, especially those that offer discounts at the pump.

With the increasing cost of gas these days, it is wise to use your credit card for a good cause. USA Today recently published a list of the best cards to use at the station.

The ones that offer the most savings are from the oil companies themselves. For instance, Shell and BP provide a 5 percent rebate for fueling up at their respective stations, and ExxonMobil offers a rebate of 15 cents per gallon at its locations.

For cash-back options, Blue Cash Preferred and True Earnings from Costco, both by American Express, gives back up to 3 percent, while Capital One No Hassle Cash Rewards offers 2 percent cash back. With these cards, drivers can head to any pump to get their savings.