Demand for Toyota Prius boosts sticker price

Demand for Toyota Prius boosts sticker priceThe Toyota Prius has seen a boom in sales lately, so much that it has been selling for more than its actual retail cost, according to USA Today.

While savvy car buyers know that the invoice price of a vehicle is one's best bet to haggling a vehicle's cost with a dealer, transactions have been logged for between $64 and $2,500 over the sticker price. The source attributes this trend to the inventory shortage due to the earthquake in Japan this past March.

The demand for the 50-mpg Prius is quite high these days because of rising gas prices as well, as the national average for fuel is around $4 per gallon. Higher demand is leading to higher selling prices for current and previous model years – the 2010 edition sold for an average of $24,705 in April, despite its Kelly Blue Book value of $22,150.

"We ran out of Priuses over a month ago," Earl Stewart, a Florida-based Toyota dealer, told the news provider. "This month we'll be lucky to get 10 or 12."

Those who are interested in purchasing a Prius, if they are lucky enough to find one available, may want to use a car loan calculator to determine whether they can afford the increased cost of the vehicle.