Depreciation values can make or break a new car purchase

Drivers who are looking for affordable options for new cars may want to consider the depreciation values before they make their final decisions. When a new car is purchased, it typically loses a large portion of its worth the moment it is driven off the lot. However, some vehicles retain their value better than others.

MSN Autos recently released its list of the best and worst cars in relation to their value retention. The MINI Cooper was found to be the best choice, as after three years it is still worth 67 percent of its original value. Toyota’s Camry and RAV4 took second and third place, with both vehicles holding onto 62 percent of their manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) after three years. The Scion xB (61 percent) and the Honda CR-V (60 percent) round out the top five.

A new Scion xB starts around $17,000, which may make this a good choice for drivers looking to purchase new cars with bad credit car loans.

The worst depreciating vehicle was found to be the Ford Windstar. The minivan only held 27 percent of its MSRP three years after being purchased new. The Ford Taurus, excluding the 2010 model, and the Chrysler Sebring convertible barely did better at 28 percent of the MSRP.