Domestics moving up in reliability

For many years, domestic brands like General Motors and Ford were considered to be inferior vehicles to the cars made in Japan and Europe. Yet since the economic recession, Detroit automakers have gotten serious about improving quality and turning America’s fortunes around.

In their recent Annual Auto Survey, Consumer Reports identified both GM and Ford as big movers in the reliability rankings. GM, after ending some of its brands that had widespread maintenance issues like Hummer and Pontiac, was able to jump up several spots in the rankings. Ford, meanwhile, was named the most reliable American automaker and achieved an average or better reliability with 90 percent of its fleet.

Chrysler, meanwhile, still had struggles with reliability. With the company instituting a complete overhaul of its fleet, the brand will be looking to improve its rank next year.

Some of the cheaper options in these companies’ fleets could be some of the best cars for bad credit buyers. Models like the Chevy Aveo and Ford Fiesta have recently received redesigns to improve quality. These models can offer buyers with bad credit auto loans a chance to put themselves in a new car rather than a used model.

Cars built in America can often be a more affordable option than foreign counterparts. Plus, drivers will be supporting local workers and companies with their purchase, an important consideration given the poor economy.