Don’t pay “delivery charges” at the dealer

Once a driver has a car loan in hand, they’ll be able to walk into a dealership with cash in hand, increasing their purchasing powers. With that in mind, drivers can negotiate with dealers in order to knock down the prices on some vehicles.

When a driver settles on a used car, they’ll have to sign some paperwork. Before a driver signs anything, however, they should look over all the charges carefully. There are many fees that must be paid – destination charge, tax, title and license fees. However, there are a few others that may be open to negotiation, according to

While a driver must pay a destination charge – this is charged by the automaker, not the dealer – they don’t have to pay any “delivery charges.” These are usually tacked on with the destination charge and are usually bogus. Some dealers even call these “destination charges” as well. Buyers should look up the destination charge for the vehicle they’re considering online. Most brands have a website where drivers can enter their zip code and find out exactly how much it will cost to ship the vehicle there – and not settle for paying a penny more.