Drive On Car of the Year: Hyundai Sonata

Drive On Car of the Year: Hyundai SonataThe Hyundai Sonata has been named the Car of the Year by thousands of readers polled by USA Today's Drive On.

The midsize sedan won a full 48 percent of the total 4,400 votes. The two electric cars Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt received only 5 percent and 23 percent of the votes, respectively.

The low pricing, superior warranty coverage, and a 30 mile per gallon fuel efficiency under mixed driving conditions are all traits of the Sonata that make it among the best cars for bad credit. A spacious interior and great crash test safety ratings make it a great family car. A variety of additional features are also available on the vehicle, including a navigation system, an upgraded audio system, heated seating and sporty suspension tuning make it a truly fun car to drive. 

Drivers who are in the market for a new vehicle may want to research their car finance options. With its affordable price tag, the Sonata is easily within the reach of most budgets with the help of an online car loan.

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