Driver survey: Ford will improve the most in the next 5 years

Driver survey: Ford will improve the most in the next 5 yearsIn a recent survey of nearly 2,000 adult drivers conducted by Consumer Reports, 26 percent of respondents said they expect Ford to be the automaker that will make the most significant improvements in the next five years.

Chevrolet reportedly placed second in the ranking at 19 percent, while Toyota received 11 percent of the votes. All other manufacturers had less than 5 percent of respondents claiming they would make the most dramatic improvements in the future, according to the news source.

The widespread positive perceptions of the Ford brand help make their line of vehicles among the best bad credit cars. The brand offers an affordable line of vehicles that is within reach of most consumers with an auto loan. Furthermore, the positive perceptions of the brand and its expected improvements may increase a Ford’s resale value.

Chevrolet was also noted by Consumer Reports for positive overall brand perception. The auto market may dramatically change if Honda and Toyota continue to give ground to manufacturers like Ford and Chevrolet, according to the news source.