Drivers can cut the cost of gas and reduce emissions

Drivers looking to save money may find themselves also helping the environment, as many cost-cutting tips can save energy and make cars more green.

High gas prices are causing many travelers to stay home this summer, but KPVI News offers tips for drivers to enjoy the summer season without spending thousands of dollars.

Drivers can improve fuel economy by using cruise control to maintain a constant speed on the highway. The news source discourages idling, as it puts more emissions into the environment than is necessary. In addition, it takes more gas to idle than it does to stop and restart the engine.

Keeping the fuel system clean is another way to make the most of gas purchases. The news source reported that a regular full service oil change can save car owners up to $140 per year.

Parking in the sun takes gas from the tank, which puts more emissions in the air and causes more frequent trips to the gas station. Drivers can save those emissions and the cost of more gas by parking in the shade or in a garage.

Car financing for low-emissions cars can also be affordable, even for shoppers with bad credit. Online car loans can offer low interest rates to shoppers despite their credit score.

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