Drivers less concerned with reliability, more concerned with manufacturer reputation

Drivers less concerned with reliability, more concerned with manufacturer reputationA recent study conducted by JD Power & Associates shows that American drivers have become less concerned with potential reliability problems when purchasing a vehicle.

The study examined the reasons consumers avoid certain models of cars when shopping around for a new vehicle. This year, exterior styling was by far the most common reason drivers gave for avoiding a certain vehicle. Other factors, including interior styling, reliability, price and manufacturer reputation, were less important to drivers.

In previous years, reliability was a more important factor for consumers, whereas manufacturer reputation was considered less important, according to Autoweek. This year's results show consumers are more affected by their perception of a manufacturer's reputation than they used to be, and shy away from brands they've had a bad prior experience with. 

While aesthetically appealing exterior styling and manufacturer reputation can be valuable factors to consider when buying a vehicle, reliability is a critical feature to consider in bad credit cars. Reliability can influence resale value and the lifespan of a vehicle, and it may be important for consumers with bad credit history to get the most out of their purchase.