Drivers seek out high-MPG models

A recent survey by Consumer Reports has revealed that Americans are expecting to get more miles per gallon out of their next vehicle, and are willing to shell out more in order to do it.

According to the poll, 62 percent of respondents said that they expect significant improvements to their fuel economy on the next car that they purchase, with 32 percent saying that they hope to find a car with similar MPGs to the one they currently drive. Just 5 percent want fewer miles per gallon out of their next car.

Perhaps more relevant is the fact that 58 percent of drivers responding said that they’re willing to pay more to achieve better fuel efficiency. This appears to fall in line with recent upgrades made available by Chevrolet and Ford, which focus on special “fuel economy” editions of popular vehicles that up MPGs at a higher price point.

Drivers who are interested in switching to a more fuel economic vehicle may want to consider applying for car financing. This simple process can easily be undertaken online, and even consumers dealing with a bad credit history may be surprised to find themselves approved. Fuel-efficient models are some of the best cars for bad credit, so swapping into a model with higher fuel efficiency can easily be a reality.