Easy ways to have a little more money in your pocket

If you are stuck paying back a bad credit auto loan, chances are you can’t afford to to be spending money you don’t have. Many times, we incur small charges that we think don’t matter that much, but they certainly do add up. Here are a few tips on saving a little money by changing the way you bank.

One charge to watch out for is from ATM withdrawals. Most of the time, if you are using an ATM that doesn’t belong to your bank, you can be charged upwards of $5 for each transaction. Simply work a little harder to find a machine from your bank, or sign up for an account with an institution that reimburses its customers for these fees.

A good way to build up a few bucks is to enroll in a debit rewards program. Some banks, such as Citizens Bank, offer to deposit a small percentage of your purchases back into your account simply for using your debit card.

An easy charge to avoid is an overdraft fee. When you take too much money out of your account, or write a check that bounces, you are charged even more for the faulty transaction. Simply monitor your accounts routinely by checking them online so you know exactly how much money you have before you try to withdraw.

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