Edmunds.com app update now provides more info for used cars

Trying to decide which car is the right choice can be difficult, especially when searching for a used car. Edmunds.com recently released an update for its Android smartphone app, which improves the user’s ability to research information on both new and used vehicles.

The app gives users the ability to research the different prices of a vehicle – including trade-in values and retail and private party prices – which are estimated using Edmunds.com’s True Market Value calculations. This way, they can find out if a car they are considering is priced accurately at the dealership.

“The most common feedback we received was a strong desire for used car information,” said Jennifer Cleverley, the director of mobile technology at Edmunds.com. “We heard that feedback loud and clean, and car buyers now have an even better app to help them negotiate their new or used vehicle purchases with confidence.”

Being able to find the cost of a used vehicle right on a phone gives drivers an easy, instant way to find out if the car they want will fit their budget.

When buying a used car, it is a good idea to plan the car financing ahead of time. This way drivers can set a price that will fit their budget, and having a fixed maximum amount to spend will also help car buyers stick to their price range.