Edmunds.com helps consumers navigate buying new cars

Whether shopping for your first or fifth vehicle, the car-buying process can be complicated and confusing, especially if you want to buy new. This is why Edmunds.com. a leading online automotive information center, recently released a new, comprehensive guide for consumers who want to purchase new. While the new guide, which takes consumers through the process step-by-step, may be aimed at first-time buyers, its hints, tips and suggestions can be utilized by anyone.

“Many people see car buying as a maze, complete with dead ends and obstacles all along the way,” said Carroll Lachnit, features editor at Edmunds.com. “Using expert advice and insider knowledge, our guide will show them that the car buying process can be a lot easier than they might think.”

The guide consists of nine steps that are broken down into sub categories, starting with choosing the right car and then moving onto pricing and car financing. After that comes finding a car, test driving it and getting price quotes from dealers online and in-person. Edmunds.com also helps buyers figure out what to do with their current vehicle and how to successfully negotiate and close a deal.