Edmunds.com provides technology guides for auto shoppers

It seems like every day there is new technology cropping up across the board, and one of the areas that has seen a world of change and innovation recently is the automotive industry. On-board navigation centers, brake assist systems and other safety and entertainment technologies are beginning to become standard features in new cars. There are so many different features available these days that Edmunds.com launched a new online guide to help consumers better understand their options.

“Cars these days are filled with incredible technology that’s designed to make the driving experience more convenient and enjoyable, but owners can often have trouble evaluating these features when car shopping,” said Edmunds.com technology editor Doug Newcomb. “These article educate consumers on the nuances of in-cabin technology and help them get the most out of their investments.”

Edmunds.com also offers checklists that drivers can print out or view on their smart phones so they can bring them along to the dealership. So far, there are lists available for built-in navigation systems, Bluetooth and music integration systems, safety assistance technology – such as OnStar – and audio systems. Drivers can use these checklists to determine if the technology in a vehicle suits their needs, which can stop them from seeking too much for an auto loan.