Famous American Roads

If you love the idea of a long journey over beautiful scenic roads, you’ll find no shortage of them in the United States. Some span several states, while others are exclusive to one state only. Not only is driving over these historic roads fun, but also an affordable way to take a vacation. When you return home, you’ll still be able to make your car loan payment and other expenses. Here are four roads that you definitely should include in your travel plans.

Route 66
Known to many as “The Mother Road”, Route 66 starts in Chicago and heads west, ending in Los Angeles. While portions of this road have fallen into disrepair, you can still drive the majority of the road. Route 66 associations in several states have made great strides to have portions of the road restored, and attractions alongside the road declared national landmarks. Route 66 is so well known that it has been featured in a pop song as well as several movies.

Lincoln Highway
The Lincoln Highway has an interesting history as a highway that was funded by car manufacturers. It was thought that if a coast-to-coast highway was built, car owners could be enticed to get out on the open road. The Lincoln Highway begins in New York City and ends in San Francisco. Over the years the route for the Lincoln Highway has been changed, so there are in fact many ways to drive this famous road. Members of the Lincoln Highway Association claim that each time they drive the Lincoln Highway, they discover something new, and so you can drive on the road again and again and never get bored.

Florida Highway A1A
If driving along the Florida coast sounds like fun, be sure to check out highway A1A. Running the full length of the state, this highway goes along Florida’s eastern coast with some breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean

California State Route 1
On the opposite end of the country is California Highway 1, which rolls along the Pacific Ocean. This gorgeous span of road begins north of San Francisco in Mendocino County, and ends near Dana Point in Orange County. This road is especially popular with motorcyclists because of its gorgeous views

They say that getting there is half the fun, so why not get off the interstate and discover some of the backroads of America? You’ll enrich your vacation by exploring these historic roads.