Federal lawmakers propose tax credit for electric car owners

Federal lawmakers propose tax credit for electric car owners  Many Individuals who are applying for a bad credit car loan are on the lookout for any savings opportunity that is available. Several Congressmen are doing their best to provide one of those breaks.

According to The Metrowest Daily News, four federal legislators have proposed a bill that would provide a tax incentive for consumers who purchase an electric vehicle. These models are designed to reduce the nation's dependence on foreign oil and help protect the environment.

Although some consumers may be skeptical of securing a car loan to buy these relatively new vehicles, some legislators stand firmly behind these models. The bill, which is called the Electric Drive Vehicle Deployment Act, would guarantee at least $2,000 in tax credits for each consumer who buys an electric vehicle, the media outlet reported.

"It's time for America to start driving toward a clean, safe energy future, and electric vehicles can help power the way," said Representative Edward Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat, quoted by the news source.

Shoppers who are exploring various car loan rates may also be searching for the most popular electric automobiles on the market. Although sales are still modest, a total of 573 Nissan Leafs – an electric model – were sold in April, nearly doubling March's totals, according to AutoBlog.com. 

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