Financial habits that breed the temptation to spend

For consumers trying to improve a bad credit history, temptations to overspend can be difficult to resist. According to MSN, there are a number of financial habits that may increase a consumer’s predisposition to impulse shopping.

Carrying cash or storing information with online vendor sites are among such behaviors. Carrying a lot of cash can give a consumer a false sense of having a lot of it to spend, and storing credit card information with online vendors means that spending is only a click away. In such circumstances, it may be difficult for consumers to stop and consider carefully whether they are making a necessary purchase.

Clipping coupons and forgetting to plan ahead are other culprits in triggering consumer overspending. Coupons are typically found for already-expensive, name brand foods, and may lead a consumer to buy something he doesn’t need just because he has a coupon for it.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average family of four spends about $4,000 a year on eating out. If a consumer finds that he is often ordering take-out or going out because he perceives that he has nothing to cook for dinner, planning grocery store trips around planned meals for the week can save a family money.

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