Ford and Honda maintain best customer retention

Ford and Honda maintain best customer retentionDrivers' stated reasons for remaining loyal to their vehicle brand of choice are shifting with the economic climate, with more drivers citing a brand being fun to drive than in previous years.

Compared to previous years' findings, this year's J.D. Power and Associates Customer Retention Study found that fewer drivers are citing resale value and safety as their primary motives for brand-loyalty. 

Among brands, Honda and Ford were found to be the most successful in retaining customers, though for very different reasons. Whereas Ford drivers were most likely to cite Fords being fun to drive as the reason for their loyalty, Honda owners were primarily impressed with the resale value and safety associated with their vehicle of choice.

Both brands produce fun, affordable cars for bad credit, but resale value and safety may be especially important for consumers with bad credit history. An affordable vehicle with high resale value and good fuel efficiency may be the best choice, as such a car allows a driver to save at the pump and to get more of his car's original value back in the event that he chooses to trade it in after a few years. 

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