Ford debuts new Focus

Ford has unveiled the redesigned Ford Focus at the Paris Auto Show, and the initial response from the automotive press was positive, with several outlets praising the model’s sleek styling and excellent fuel economy.

The automaker says that the new Focus will take several cues from the company’s successful launch of the Fiesta. Both models come in a hatchback or sedan style and focus on fuel economy, with the Focus expected to get 40 miles per gallon. Ford is focusing on eye-catching paint features and styling, like the golden-yellow model that it revealed at the show. Like the Fiesta, the Focus will also come with a high-performance model, the ST. Finally, Ford will get the ball rolling on the car by utilizing social media to spread the word ahead of the launch in 2012.

With dealers looking to sell off their remaining Focuses in order to make way for the redesigned model, drivers with a bad credit car loan might be able to score a great deal. The Focus currently retails for around $16,000, but drivers can likely get a used version for less.