Ford Fiesta: Popular for a reason

Among the most popular subcompacts sold in America, the Ford Fiesta is one of the best cars for bad credit.

Many drivers with less-than-stellar credit may be dismayed by the recent electric car trend. Such vehicles are highly fuel efficient, but are often outside of the budget of the average American driver. Those hoping to purchase an inexpensive vehicle and save at the pump may be interested in the Ford Fiesta, which gets 37 miles per gallon on the highway.

Typically priced in the range of $13,000 to $17,000, the Fiesta is easily affordable with the help of a bad credit loan. It also comes with one unique feature – its automatic version is more fuel efficient than the manual one, CNN reports.

This may come as good news to Americans who want fuel efficiency in their vehicle but don’t want to have to learn how to drive a manual transmission car. In addition to quick, responsive handling, the Fiesta’s twin-clutch automatic transmission changes gears seamlessly and provides power to the wheels almost continuously, giving drivers a smooth, fun ride.