Ford to introduce fuel-saving technology in new vehicles

Ford to introduce fuel-saving technology in new vehiclesFord Motor Company recently announced that it plans to expand its Auto Start-Stop technology, first used on hybrid vehicles, to a wider range of cars produced in 2012.

Since fuel efficiency is an important feature of many of the best cars for bad credit, introducing a fuel-saving feature in lower-priced vehicles may help consumers who are unable to afford a hybrid save money at the pump.

The technology automatically stops a vehicle's engine when a vehicle is stopped, and restarts it when necessary, according to The Associated Press. Features like air conditioning and heating remain turned on, and a light on the dashboard notifies the driver that the engine is temporarily turned off. According to Ford, the feature improves fuel economy by 4 percent or more, and has the convenience of not requiring additional maintenance.

The feature will reportedly be introduced in cars, crossovers and sports utility vehicles starting in 2012. Consumers with bad credit history may want to start shopping around for an auto loan to finance the purchase of a fuel efficient vehicle.