Ford widens interior fonts in 2012 models

Ford widens interior fonts in 2012 modelsElderly populations with worsening vision may find it easier to drive a Ford Edge or Ford Explorer next year. The automaker is introducing these 2012 models with larger, bolder fonts in the interiors, Smart Money reported.

The wording on interior displays and controls, such as dashboard display screens and AC buttons, will be roughly 40 percent wider.This follows a "legibility study" that Ford conducted, which found that people in their 40's tend to notice their eyesight start to decline, and it worsens after that.

The study found that small changes in the fonts made them easier and faster to read for drivers of all ages, according to Torque News. Typography has been analyzed for years, dating back to World War II when the military studied fonts in aircrafts and ships, the news source reported.

Ford said in a statement that it is producing cars with larger fonts in an effort to make it easier for people of all ages to read display fonts, especially baby boomers. Smart Money reported that it may also be an effort to sell more cars to the boomer generation, which is large and lucrative. Boomers with bad credit may be able to finance this purchase with a bad credit car loan

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