Ford will improve models based on consumer feedback

Ford will improve models based on consumer feedbackIn response to customer complaints, Ford is going to tweak its voice recognition software in its vehicles. Customers found the connectivity tools on the Sync and MyFord Touch systems difficult or frustrating to use, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The technologies allow drivers to complete such tasks as making phone calls and choosing music hands-free with voice commands, but consumers said that certain commands did not trigger a response from the system.

Mark Fields, president of the Americas for the company, said that by and large, feedback has shown that customers enjoy these technologies, but that the automaker will continue to improve the connectivity options.

Improvements include changing the car's response to misunderstood commands. Instead of saying it does not recognize a command, new technologies should be able to pick up on certain words and ask the driver if that is what they are looking for, David Sullivan, an AutoPacific analyst, told the news source.

Ford also announced that more cars in its Ford and Lincoln lines will feature seat belts with integrated airbags, options that are currently only available on the 2011 Ford Explorer, Auto Blog reported. These models can be the best cars for bad credit if consumers find a good car loan.