Gas prices continue to hover around $4 per gallon

Gas prices continue to hover around $4 per gallonWith summer just around the corner, and likely a much-anticipated vacation for many, travelers are consumed with the thought of how much they will be spending at the pump in the future. Gas prices have hit $4 and beyond all across the country, but The Associated Press is reporting that the cost of fuel may fall by the end of the month.

While Middle Eastern turmoil is a large contributor to the skyrocketing price of oil, so is the series of harsh storms in the south that have forced multiple refineries to shut down for the time being. Seven affected facilities are located in Alabama, Pennsylvania and Texas, losing production of up to 1 million barrels per day, according to the news provider.

At this time, residents of Southeast, Midwest and Gulf Coast states should expect to see a rise in gas prices, although experts say that it will fall as the refineries resume operations and more oil is made available.

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