Gas prices fall sixteen cents in two weeks

Gas prices fall sixteen cents in two weeksLately, one of the biggest economic factors weighing on consumers' minds have been high gas prices. While there are ways to cut back on your gas usage, you'll ultimately have to head to the pump eventually – and with prices hovering around $4 per gallon, that's not likely to be a pleasant trip.

Fortunately, drivers could be seeing some relief soon. The U.S. Energy Information Service reports that the price of gas has fallen 16 cents over the past two weeks, currently sitting at $3.781. That's not exactly the lowest that the national average has ever been, but it's certainly a start.

Drivers hoping this is the start of a price freefall that will push prices below $3 again will likely be disappointed, however. After falling for two straight weeks, prices fell just one cent in the third week, suggesting that this will likely be a gradual process if prices really are starting to come down.

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