GM pledges to improve quality, speed up product development

GM pledges to improve quality, speed up product developmentMary Barra, the new chief of product development at General Motors, says she plans to transform the company and its product line by boosting quality and speeding up the product development phase to get new models to dealerships faster.

In an interview with The Associated Press, the new executive said she plans to improve vehicles' exterior designs as well as equipping them with the latest safety and convenience technology.

Last year's Consumer Reports survey showed that GM had already made tremendous improvements in reliability, though the automaker still has a long way to go – the highest ranked GM vehicle was Chevrolet, which placed 17th, according to the news source.

If GM and other automakers accelerate their product development process, new technological advancements could reach consumers faster. Drivers, even those with limited budgets or bad credit history, may be able to choose between a larger selection of vehicles with the latest safety technology, and use online car loans to finance their purchase of a reliable car that will hold on to its value in the long run.